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Encore healthcare private limited, ZYG PHARMA Private Limited and encore natural polymers private limited. are our group companies.


welcome to Halcyon Labs

In recent years, India has become a destination for pharmaceutical research because of high intellectual capital and competitive technical costs. Indian professionals are exploring global avenues in pharmaceutical research with a fervour never felt before. (clinical pharmacology studies) We are people with 0% tolerance for unethical conduct and 100% belief in systems, processes and compliance for our corporate divisions. We are people with passion for success and the obsession to win. We have the potential growth catalysts with the zeal to achieve the impossible. We have set new benchmarks in the industry. We have proved to be an ideal pharmaceutical global partner. A relationship you can count on & depend on. A committed, responsive partner.

The Indian operation is a multi-disciplinary pharmaceutical organization fully integrated in terms of expertise, know-how and " ultra-techniques ". The group has a clear focus on achieving and sustaining global leadership in the field of pharma products. The genuine business ethics which is the basic core of our operations has been the lead torch for our sound foundation. We predict trends before they become apparent, stealing a march on the rest of the market. Ultimate superior quality, endorses our lead products and our market leadership.

  "We conscientiously remain dedicated to improve & enhance the quality of life."

Healthy Work Hierarchy

The company is one of India's largest pharma conglomerate and still growing. The laurels of our world-class products like Cortico Steroids, Macrolides, Anticonvulsant, Antifungal and others rest on the pillars of innovation and a passion for excellence. Made possible thanks to an open, non-bureaucratic work-culture that encourages creative and free-sprited thinking among its individuals. Optimum pharma solutions is professionally managed in the company for the business & development of pharma products. The company believes in creating brand enhancements for clients through proper media communications. We are ambitious & aspire to be at the pinnacle of global leadership.

Driven by the passion to create world-class entity for itself, the company has an environment that fosters learning, innovation, growth, excellence and a culture that is focused towards achieving the best. Therefore, our organization has a team of dynamic, solution-oriented individuals in production research and sales / marketing. We move our future on the fast track.